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Choose from an array of tools to inform and inspire

Pano Visualisers

Market leading visualiser technology for any industry. Eliminate the imagination gap and increase customer engagement.

Floor Design Visualizer

Design and visualization tools for large scale flooring manufacturers.

3D Sliding Wardrobe Configurator

View your dream sliding robe in 3D, change the size, layout and finishes then process to manufacturing.

Palette Picker AI

Find out a customers style with our game changing and easy to use inspiration tool.

Floor Vision AR

Measure your floor area, try different floor options, pricing and purchase all in one app.

3D Bedroom Planner Coming Soon

Plan out your wardrobe designs with our easy 3D planning tool

Why visualisation matters

Consumer needs are changing, as technology evolves so do your customers. Research shows that visualisation tools that allow your customer to virtually interact with products Increase revenue and improve customer retention.


Average increase in customer retention for companies that use a visualiser.

Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group


Average increase in revenue for companies that have configurable products online.

Aberdeen Group

Aberdeen Group


Average reduction in customer acquisition costs for companies using a product visualiser.

Gartner Group Study

Gartner Group Study

The Onfigr platform

All products come with access to these critical business tools


Modern lead generation

Our tools are designed with great customer journeys in mind. When your users use Onfigr to create their perfect designs, they can then send their finished ideas straight to their email - allowing you to continue the conversation with them and turn their ideas into a reality.

Ensure personalisation at every touch point with our customisable email tools. We make sure that your customers are seeing your brand at every interaction they have through the Onfigr platform.

content management

Fully integrated product managment

Gone are the days of time-consuming product marketing tasks such as updating brochures or sending samples.

Maintain your product listings quickly and easily with our simple-to-use content management tools.

Save money on your inventory management and merchandising by providing your customers with an interactive, digital version of your latest products.


Track popular products and customer engagement

In-built Analytics allows you to track key business data on how well your products are performing - giving you the key information you need to key make business decisions that drive consumer growth.

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